More About The Walkative Project

The Walkative Project explores how walking can trigger processes of making, thinking and researching. In particular, we explore how the city contains narratives, knowledge and contested materialities that are best accessed through the act of walking.

We organise walks in which artists, architectural critics, film makers, critical spatial theorists and writers respond to textual, visual and verbal prompts (but also have free rein to respond more personally).  This provides an overall focus for the walk and a theme in terms of their responses uploaded onto the project blog.

Walking as art, as writing, as pilgrimage, as protest
|Walking as spiritual, as mundane
||Walking as constituting boundaries, as transgressing boundaries
|||Walking as deeply personal, as emphatically public
||||Walking as touring, as witnessing
||||| Walking as practical, as impractical
||||||Walking as compliance, as defiance
|||||||Walking as seeing, as being seen
||||||||Walking as traditional, as revolutionary
|||||||||Walking as wild, as mediated, as constructed
||||||||||Walking as an interpretive act, a generative act, an embodied act
|||||||||||Walking as differentiating space, as consolidating space
||||||||||||||||||||Walking in space and time, connecting space, connecting time….

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