Walkative Across RCA 2014

Walkative 2014 explores how city walks can inform the way we make, think and communicate with one another. This project brings together a new interdisciplinary field of artists, writers, architects, musicians and human geographers to produce a broad range of empirical and practice based findings that will be archived on the Walkative website. Walkative 2014 will also form the basis for a new illustrated book with Camberwell Press, published in 2015.

This years curated programme of themed walks will focus on urban aesthetics, architecture and the moving image, site writing, performance space and lost rivers. Over the week we will continue to consider how walking can act as a method for dialogical and empirical research and how that knowledge can trigger new processes of making, thinking and researching. The walks take place in and around London and are led by expert contributors with the participation of student walkers from across the schools of the Royal College of Art and in partnership with academics from the Royal Academy of Music, The University of the Arts, The Open University, Westminster University and Sheffield Hallam University.