Thursday 12th January: Serpentine sturm und drang in the late afternoon: Simon King and Phil Smith

sk-8Images from the Mythogeographic rewalking of ‘Curling Up Tight’* with Phil Smith and Simon King as part of the Performance, Intervention and Participation strand of the TECHNE Platforms and Interfaces Congress hosted by the Royal College of Art on 12-13 January.  From the programme:

Phil’s walk will combine walking alongside character and narrative, walking as stranger and familiar, re-exploring a route (and no doubt some tangents and mistakes) first walked with Simon King. During the walk, Phil and the participants will be looking for doors slightly ajar, films still running in the streets, codes in street furniture; and checking how the altars are aligned en route. They will question young priests on the meaning of hard, physical things, and try to deduce what part in what conspiracies the statues play.

* ‘Walking Cities: London’ to be published by Camberwell Press in February 2017. Watch this space.

Read Phil Smith’s write-up of the event in our previous post, ‘Walking in Rain and Darkness.’