Walkative Society presents INVISIBLE BORDERS: exchange with students from Nuremberg Academy of Fine Art

Invisible Border- an exchange programme with the students from Royal College of Art and Academy of Art- Nuremberg

The 15 participants from Walkative Society from any pathway and year to take part in an exchange with students from the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts. The exchange is an extension of an online collaboration which started in the summer between the two schools and explored the process of collaboration through walking. This exchange will run from mid-October to the end of November and will start with a series of two to three online seminars every two weeks on Friday starting with a meeting in the morning of 16th October. The purpose of the seminars will be to introduce readings and topics and encourage a discussion around walking and collaboration. You must be able to attend these seminars. We will confirm the exact times and dates in due course however they will occur on Fridays. 

The exchange will then culminate in a physical exhibition at Kurt Kurt Gallery in Berlin, (http://www.kurt-kurt.de/) at the end of November. Ideally, we would like participants to travel to Berlin from Sat 21 November to make work in and around the city alongside colleagues from Nuremberg, using the gallery as a base, with an exhibition opening on Thurs 26 November and lasting until 12 December. The exhibition is a chance to meet and collaborate with students from Nuremberg, and to explore the relationship between art and walking. We know that given the pandemic travelling may be difficult or not possible for you. If this is the case, we would still like to hear from you and how you may wish to contribute to the exchange remotely.  


Participants should be prepared to travel and find accommodation independently in Berlin however we are looking into funding possibilities and also are in discussion with the tutors from Nuremberg about accommodation options and hopefully will be able to provide something cheap. We will have more information about this in due course.

The Walkative Society