Invisible Borders

Student Exchange with the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts

Invisible Borders is a new collaboration between the Royal College of Art and Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts which aims to explore, through the practice of urban walking, the visible and invisible boundaries and borders that determine our physical, social and political movement around shared public space. Here we ask if our current moment political, social and economic crisis allows us to consider how the practices of the everyday can be rethought, reconstructed and reinvented through critical, creative and collaborative approaches to urban walking. The exchange took place over several lockdowns, and included crits, workshops and a series of exhibitions.

RCA Participants: Nayonika Ghosh, Clare Holdstock, Samuel Domínguez, Kuan-Yin Fang, Alastair Kwan, Pat Wing-Shan Wong, Georgina Watson, Charlie Lee-Potter, Snyder Moreno Martín, Sofia Nifora, Konstantina Benaki, Helen Wilson, K. Yoland

Nuremberg Participants: Katharina Steinkohl, Monique S. Desto, Theresa Hartmann, Hanna Christa, Helen Hetzel, Anna Steward, Yanran, Simon Balzat, Docjong, Daniela Graf, Franziska Koppmann, Dominik Gierl, Lukas-Maximillian Frohn, Pia Kühnemann, Monique Haber.

Special thanks to Susanne Kohler for her help in organising the event and contributing to an amazing project!

Exhibition dates:

INVISIBLE BORDERS: Online Exhibition
13.12.20 – 18.12.20

Kurt Kurt Gallery, Berlin
11.02.21 – 14.02.21

Akademiegalerie Nürnberg, Hauptmarkt 29, 90403 Nürnberg
11.03.21 – 21.03.21