Orlandscaped Walk

Led by Noble and King

Orlandscaped (/ɔːˈlandskeɪpt/: adjective): Taking as a reference the time-travelling Orlando by the writer Virginia Woolf, and accompanied by literary fragments, we set off from an oak tree in Bloomsbury to travel through time and space.  Along our route, a route that N&K has been shaping over the years, walking and walking again, we speculate, like Woolf’s protagonist, how it (and we) might be the same, but different, when we return…. This is not a typical guided walk, nor a blue badge visit. Our process is based on chance encounters. We piece together fragments over time, to speculate and create an alternative sense of place. We learn from those we walk with. We learn from each return walk.

Walk held: Sunday 12th June 2022, from 2pm.