Stars Walk

Led by Carola Ureta Marín and Francesco Carvelli

The first event of the term was entitled ‘STARS WALK’ and was led by the president Carola Ureta Marín and the astrologer Francesco Carvelli.

He suggested checking the following links for the session because he will interact with you by asking about your natural sign and the position of planets in specific houses. Please make a screenshot of the bird chart (first link) and take notes of the Hebrew calendar date of birth (second link). 

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1. Calculate your Whole Sign Natal Chart 

In my readings, I refer exclusively to Whole Sign Houses calculation. Get a free whole sign chart report here:

2. Calculate your Natural Sign

In Kabbalistic Astrology the sign is calculated in the Hebrew lunar and solar calendar which contains 12 months (and a 13th month in 7 out of every 19 years). Check your natural sign on the following Gregorian-Hebrew calendar converter

Nisan | Aries

Iyar | Taurus

Sivan | Gemini

Tamuz | Cancer

Av | Leo

Elul | Virgo

Tishrei | Libra

Cheshvan | Scorpio

Kislev | Sagittarius

Tevet | Capricorn

Shevat | Aquarius

Adar 1 & 2 | Pisces