The Beads of Gresham Street: Speculative Heirlooms of Place

Led by Katy Gillam-Hull

Led by crafts artist Katy Gillam-Hull ‘The Beads of Gresham Street’ is a collection of beads made from found glass, inspired by fragments of Roman London beads also reworked and reimagined from found glass. The beads are experienced through a guided walk in central London that traces where the beads were originally made and speculates as to what if beads kept occurring in this place, just as the waves sort pebbles into tidelines? What if time gathers and accumulates beads to this space?

Throughout the walk beads are brought out and revealed, each new one sparking a narrative of that space and adding a chapter to the story, another bead on the bracelet. Passed between participants along the walk, the bracelet is collaboratively made, each selection of beads unique to that group just as the walkers’ experiences are.

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