Walk Walk Walk: an archaeology of the familiar and forgotten

Led by Clare Qualmann

Walk walk walk: an archaeology of the familiar and the forgotten was a participatory live art event, with a walk at its core, that ran from 2005 – 2010. The project began with an exploration of urban routine. Starting from the routes we took to and from work and home, part time jobs and friends’ houses, we established a methodology for the systematic exploration of the areas in and around Bethnal Green, Spitalfields and Whitechapel. Stepping outside, or aside from the absorption of the day to day in order to examine the places that we passed through and the narrative of pathways afresh.

Over a 5 year period we led more than 20 night walks and associated events along the same route, adapting and diverting according to the changing city scape around us. 

The walk is led by Clare Qualmann an artist/researcher working across a wide range of media; from drawing and sculpture to text-works and live art events (often in the form of walks). Everyday routine, the ordinary and unnoticed and the meeting of the personal and the political are sources of inspiration.

Accessibility Information

Mostly smooth pavements and a mix of urban terrain, asphalt, paving slabs. There are some cobbled sections, and one place where we will cross a railway bridge using stairs (though there is a short detour that would enable a wheelchair user or someone for whom stairs are difficult to go around)

We are meeting on the corner of Bishops Lane and Russia Way E2 9HF

If you have one please bring a reusable cup for a hot drink on the journey.