Walkative Berlin

Strolling and Scrolling

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In the present situation of having to work from home, I have started to think about my desktop as a temporary studio.A studio, where I scroll through folders. One with images of my latest strolls, stepping outside into deserted streets of Berlin. While I walk, urban sites make me reflect the present realities – passing temporary construction sites, broken or hidden arrangements in public. Right now, I am collecting unusual views of my city during lock-down: advertising spaces with discomforting slogans that are trying to persuade citizens to return straight home. One folder gathers images taken in the quietness of a lonely urban night. Another one has the documentation of my latest show „Die Balkone“. A show in which we artists of Prenzlauer Berg had presented artworks in our windows and our balconies to “reach out to the balconies of the world, against isolation and individualization, not leaving everything in the hands of the virus and the fear it generates.“Since being invited to conduct a walk during these times of a pandemic lock-down, I understand this as an experiment of offering you to come to visit me on my desktop. Actually, in real it is a virtual walk through my interface, strolling through a permeable interspace, watching me scroll.

Antonia Low’s installations, sculptures, and photographs are inspired by the infrastructures that support everyday life. In her works she explores overlooked spaces, such as work areas, storage rooms, and archaeological excavations. Her interest lies in spatial reconstruction, in which recollections and after-images of spaces become fixed in one’s mind, superimposed on the actual space.

Antonia Low, April 2020