Walkative Cape Town

Fear and Loathing in ZA

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Robin Kirsten is creating a museum. Starting with the production of artworks that will form the core collection, his intention is to develop the project towards a final structure to house the collection. Works have evolved by building out from the particular of the full stop, towards the general, of models of the universe.

From 10 000 volts, to police brutality, Covid-19’s emergence is radically exposing the narratives in South Africa’s politics, economic direction, her social fabric and the cult of security. By zooming in and out of the streets and suburbs of Cape Town, this walk will take you on a deep journey into ZA’s DNA. Prohibition, security, fear and loathing, hunger, violence, land rights and wrongs, have resettled on the polished surface of the South African dream, for all to see. This is a dream and tale whose dark heart is rooted in the history of ZA’s politics, neoliberalism, state capture, tribal and ethnic allegiances, and the many other factors that contribute towards the heady and volatile mix smoldering in suburbia. And land, lots of it. Contested, protected, designed and reassigned, ZA’s land and property realities are introduced through this Cape Town walk into danger, madness and extreme everything.

Robin is PhD Candidate, Royal College of Art, London