Walkative: Edgware Road

Led by Loiuise Gholam and Costas Kalogeropoulos

We invite you to a virtual walk on Edgware Road where we will be looking at layers of the past, present and future. This walk is like opening a Time Capsule and by digging together we can re-imagine parts from the site’s historical footprint. In our search for these possible narratives, we are hoping to get a better understanding for the identity of the road through time. During the workshop participants will be given a set of locations on the road linking to specific sites. For each location, there will be optional hints which will direct towards relevant information to the sites. We hope it can encourage people to have a second look at their local area and re-interpret a site through time, wondering who or what was there before them. We are basically sending them on a treasure hunt!

Poster designed by @kona_be & @studioatrangi

About Costas Kalogeropoulos

Costas is a London based graphic designer mostly interested in the printed page. Through typographic and tactile experimentation he is interested in finding an appropriate visual language to articulate concepts. He is often influenced by the urban typographic vernacular that surrounds him, and the possibilities of learning from his surrounding.

He developed an interest in Edgware Road through living, working and engaging with the area throughout the last couple of years. Through researching the area’s socio-historical footprint he is interested in how history informs the future of a site. By having conversations with local residents he is currently exploring the impact that recent changes have, on independent businesses.

About Louise Gholam

As a French-Lebanese multi-media communicator, I wander through the subjects of neo-diasporic identity and journalistic practices. I grew up between the quietude of the French countryside and the always boisterous Beirut. Now based between London and Paris, I’m currently finishing my masters studies at the Royal College of Art in London. My approach to Visual Communication is intuitive and nourished by ‘on-the-field’ Media Archeology to bring forward a relevant story-telling. Using a collaborative methodology around ideas of collective memory, ’filmic politics’ and cooperative broadcasting, I focus on developing conversational pieces. In recent years I have collaborated with art galleries & museums (Onomatopée (NL) / MUDAC (Lausanne)), magazines & studios (ISHKAR (London) / Journal Safar (Beirut)) and pop-up exhibitions (Dutch Design Week) to probe strong curation and production skills. I am currently the co-founder and creative director at Export Radio (RCA VisCom’s radio station), design editor for The Pluralist (RCA’s independent newspaper) and contributor for Content-Free.net (RCA VisCom’s living archive).