Walkative Santiago

by The Walkative Society and Tere Chad

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Santiago, the capital of Chile has a population of nearly 7 million inhabitants, almost 40% of the country’s total population. The city is located in a longitudinal valley between the Andes and Costa range of mountains and is probably one of the few places in the world where you can reach a ski centre within an hour and the beach in 90 minutes. Tere Chad will begin our digital walk through Santiago with a brief overview of its colonial past. She will then walk through areas that reflect the strong social segregation in Santiago’s diverse neighbourhoods. In the next section, Alemparte, Barreda, Wedeles Besançon Architects will discuss modern Santiago and particularly the challenges in constructing the Costanera Center, the highest skyscraper in Latin America in a country with more earthquakes than anywhere else in the world. Against the backdrop of the current Covid-19 pandemic Samuel Domínguez, an artist, will conclude with a personal walk in Santiago.

The walk will be led by Alemparte, Barreda, Wedeles, Besançon Architects, Tere Chad and Samuel Dominguez.