Designers in Residence

Each year, the Walkative Society at the Royal College of Art selects a designer in residence from the college community to produce a series of posters for that season’s walks. Email if you’d like to participate, or view past designers below.

2019/20: Max Kohler

MA Visual Communication / Graphic Design, graduated 2020. Max also designed and developed this website.

Dark Fibre Network Drift (2019)
Letterpress (3 runs) on Southbank Book, 450x640mm.
London / Los Angeles (2019)
Letterpress (2 runs) on Southbank Book. 640x450mm.
Chinatown on the Move (2019)
Letterpress (2 runs) and inkjet on Southbank Book. 640x450mm.
The Animal Spirits: A Walk Through the Square Mile (2020)
Letterpress (3 runs) Context Natural. 500x700mm.