Walk 2 John Troyer


Walking Death in London Paddington

Monday 28th October


Paddington Station Pub Mad Bishop and the Bear – top floor of Paddington station


Don't Run in Paddington Station Sign

Over 46 million people use London Paddington station each year. That means over 126,000 a day.

On any given day across the United Kingdom, approximately 1500 people die. Every day. Without stop.

Of the thousands using London Paddington each day, how many are on their last journey and don’t realize it? 10? 50? 1? How many people are rushing home to die? Are there people in transit who do know this is the final stop but keep it quiet?

What do we say to these travellers on their final walk?

On the way there, people and ghosts were falling


and we were told to watch all those walking around – like hawks


and so we roamed for 20, 30 minutes

and came back empty handed

we didn’t know what death walked like

its shadows are only visible to the camera

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Walkative, Across RCA, 2013, Paddington, Station, London Walkative, Across RCA, 2013, Paddington, Station, London