Walk 3 Richard Wentworth


Tuesday 29 October


Caravan Kings Cross

Granary Building, 1 Granary Square (off Goods Way), London N1C 4AA

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There is a term I use to describe the vagaries of a certain kind of village, ‘a spider village’. For the tidy minded, this lends itself to the radiating arms of a spider’s web and the handsome calibrations of the spiral cartography.

In truth, I think I probably mean much more the look of the squashed spider, where the legs zag and zig out in assorted directions. This is very much how I see the map of Kings Cross, an area whose character operates like a stain, starting over on the edge of Regent’s Park, and ranging up to the Angel, with a drift south to Holborn and its northern complexity reaching the Holloway Road.


Our walk will try to entertain this sense of meander as a metaphor rather than as a device to exhaust everybody. It will be pitched much more towards encounter than towards the expository, and also to remind ourselves how differently we behave in groups.

Whilst not encumbering yourselves, bring whatever tools you now associate with ‘keeping a record’ and the kind of clothing that allows you to behave casually in the metropolis. Never forget to pack your common sense.


And so we talked

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and looked

Walkative, Across RCA, 2013, King's Cross, Granary Square, London 20131029-IMG_4177-2013-10-29-KingsCross-Deptford-1500-200


and recorded