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London Dust Nocturnal Urban Walk

Tuesday 29 October


Liverpool Street train station – top of Escalator

st paul's

The walk London Dust will take place in the City of London, the financial centre of the capital that is currently undergoing rapid transformation.

Photography plays an important yet ambivalent role in this transformation; it is utilised by architects and property developers to create ‘computer generated images’ to seduce and sell their version of the future city. These photographic renderings are displayed on a large scale in the public space, where their shiny and convincing presence oscillates between promise and despair.

The walk will focus on some of the mammoth building sites currently under construction in the square mile that reveal the nocturnal Faustian energy of the city, evocative of Karl Marx’s premonition: all that is solid, melts into air.


That day

We were on a secret mission

We were going to defend the light

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