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Travelling Shots

Friday 1st November


RCA Battersea Campus, in the Moving Image Unit

Reel Streets is an evolving geographic database of cinema, identifying films by the street locations in which they were recorded. The history of cinema and moving image is a remarkable topographic template for reencountering space, particularly urban space. Using smart phones, tablets and laptops, we will spend the first part of the session identifying films recorded within the locality of the Battersea RCA studios. These include: The Optimists of Nine Elms, 1973; I Believe in You, 1952; The Man in the White Suit, 1951; The Day the Earth Caught Fire, 1961; Up the Junction, 1967; Hue and Cry, 1947. Once we have isolated scenes and sequences we will walk to, and then walk and stand as, tracking shots, establishing shots, close-ups and wide shots. Sequences might be re filmed, or simply re-perceived or re-trodden.

Please bring smart phones, tablets, laptops and still/video cameras.


Inside research:

Eastwood 1 Eastwood 2 Eastwood 3


Attempts to discover film locations.

Albert Bridge:

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