Walk 6 Amy Blier-Carruthers


Temporality and Space in Art and Music

Thursday 30 October


Meeting point: doors to the slope into the Turbine Hall (West end of Tate Modern)



Start  16:00

Concert  18:00

Concert end  18:45

Walk along river or bus to Riverlight  18:45 – 19:15

Talk at Riverlight  19:30

Tate Modern

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

All too often as artists and musicians we take the space which we inhabit for granted. We believe that we know all we need to know about a space, event or situation because of long acquaintance, and therefore unthinkingly accept the status-quo.

However, this stance could be questioned. If instead we adopted the ‘travelling mindset’ suggested by an 18th-century French ‘armchair philosopher’, we might begin to see familiar things anew and perceive things differently.
How, by taking a walk, might we learn to reconsider the normally controlled and managed spaces in which we habitually operate?
The walk will take place along the cultural quarter of the Southbank, beginning at the Tate Modern with a walk through the galleries, and continuing on to the Royal Festival Hall for a short early-evening concert.

RFH Foyer     Tate Modern, Turbine Hall
The behaviours of a time-based art like music are different to the behaviours expected by plastic art, but we will explore what artists and musicians might find in common by taking a walk in order to discover a new objectivity, a new self- awareness, a new view of space, time and self.