Walkative at the RCA

The Walkative Society

Emerging from the project in 2015, The Walkative Society is a Royal College of Art student-led society emphasising walking as a means of discovery and a place for dialogue and exchange. Each year the society is led by two presidents from the student body.

The Walkative Society Presidents

2015/16 – Simon King (Birkbeck PhD Candidate) & Tom Spooner (MA Visual Communication)

2016/17 – Camila Botero (MA Sculpture) & Paula Smolarska (MA Sculpture)

2017/18 – Caterina Gobbi (MA Performance) & Christopher Taylor (MA Sculpture)

2018/19 – Kenji Lim (MA Sculpture) & Joao Villas (MA Printmaking)

      2019/20 – Katharina Siegel (MA Sculpture) & Adalberto Lonardi (MA Interior Design)

Walkative Across RCA

Taking place as part of Across RCA, the Royal College of Art’s annual week long series of cross-disciplinary projects, Walkative’s propositional starting point was that the city / London contains narratives, knowledge and contested materialities best accessed through walking. The projects between 2013 – 2015 brought together a new trans-disciplinary field of artists, writers, musicians, human geographers and philosophers to consider further how, for student practitioners in art and design, the city walk can inform and trigger new processes of making, thinking, researching and communicating.

Across RCA 2015:

Across RCA 2014: Statement / Schedule /

Across RCA 2013: Statement /

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