Parallel Urbanisms: Los Angeles in Whitechapel

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Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Simon King will lead a walk which explores elements of Los Angeles in the East End. The walk was first commissioned by Whitechapel Gallery for their Nocturnal Creatures project in July 2018:

On this walk we will consider how Los Angeles coexists with the East End. Our tour will take both a historical perspective (focusing on Jack London’s The People of the Abyss published in 1903) and a more contemporary analysis, where we will look to images of the future as a way to consider how LA exists deep within Whitechapel and London in general. Here we will try to better understand the causal relation between media images, architectural space and the kind of transmutation of the city architectural space into cinematic image and how these forces return back to inform current developments in the city.

Along with Norman M. Klein and Harriet Edwards we guest edited the Journal of ‘Writing in Creative Practice’. For this issue we explored the notion of parallel urbanisms, not in terms of physical resemblances but in relation to deeper causal, psychic and economic points of convergence. Our approach is informed by geographers, artists and philosophers that have repeatedly shown that traditional physical geographies, fixed political boundaries or sites of economic exchanges can no longer be understood as stable measures of the fluid interchanges and connections that exist between cities.

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