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March 20, 2017

Wednesday 15th March: Walking Cities: London Book Launch, The Showroom Gallery

March 20, 2017

Sunday 5th March: Psychogeography | Looking for [anti] direction, Guido Tarricone

February 14, 2017

Walking Cities: London

January 24, 2017

Thursday 12th January: Serpentine sturm und drang in the late afternoon: Simon King and Phil Smith

January 24, 2017

Walking in Rain and Darkness

December 13, 2016

Saturday 19th November: Walking in search of Holborn’s arcane delights: Jack Catling

December 8, 2016

Sunday 26th June: Night Walkative

April 28, 2016

Simon King: ‘Elephant Memory’

April 19, 2016

Thursday 14th April: ‘Elephant Memory’

March 24, 2016

Rosanna Vitiello: ‘To Bow, Poplar and the Balfron Tower’